Kakadu Plum Natural Glow Oil


Made with natural plant-based ingredients, never toxins. Free of parabens, formaldehyde, synthetic fragrances /dyes, phthalates, sulfates. Cruelty-free, gluten-free, ethically sourced.

A light dry oil that absorbs quickly into the skin

Ingredients: 100% pure virgin organic Kakadu Plum Oil.

A note on Vitamin C

Vitamin C is the most powerful antioxidant in the world for your skin. It is particularly important to skin health when it comes to slowing down signs of aging. The Kakadu plum has been shown to be equally powerful to l-ascorbic acid - only unlike l-ascorbic acid (which is the most potent source of vitamin c in powdered form) the oil from the Kakadu plum is much more stable, meaning it doesn’t go bad quickly once exposed to light, oxidation and other things that can quickly damage the performance of l-ascorbic acid. Kakadu plum oil will give your skin a powerful punch of vitamin C that brightens your skin from the inside out, and has a shelf life of over 3 years when stored at room temperature.  

Use: For all skin types - use as final step in skincare routine or under spf or moisturizer.

 Key Ingredients 

Kakadu Plum: with the highest content of vitamin c out of all foods in the world, kakadu plum oil will keep your skin glowing all day long. It is also an anti inflammatory, so it’s great for sensitive acne prone skin as well. 

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